Page 6 - Ejaculation Master (Christian Goodman) : Flip It & Read It
P. 6

A plan to train himself to last longer.

         A plan that has worked for hundreds of
         premature ejaculators – before him and since.

         A few weeks later during intercourse, he brought

         a woman to orgasm for the first time. Today, they

         are married.

         And when I met him again the other day (three

         years later), he told me that premature

         ejaculation has never bothered him again.

             If He Can Do It, Anyone Can!

         I’m telling you this story for a reason.

         Most men who suffer from premature

         ejaculation (including me in past years) have

         very little hope that they can be helped.

         Isn’t your ejaculation totally uncontrollable?
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